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Argus II Update: Dr. Gregg Kokame attends the First Argus II Bionic Eye Investigator Meeting


Dr. Kokame, pictured above at the front and fourth from the left, attended the first Argus II Retinal Prosthesis investigator meeting at the University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center.  Dr. Kokame shared his experience of his first two Argus II surgeries with over 50 surgeons, researchers, and rehabilitation specialists.  The meeting served as an open communication between the top surgeons and researchers to help improve the retinal prosthesis system and create a better experience for patients.  Dr. Robert Greenberg, chairman of Second Sight Medical products (the Argus II manufacturer), in a statement to Kellogg Eye Center, says “this is the first time that a critical mass from around the world is together sharing their great experiences with the technology.  There is a real sense of excitement.”  Dr. Kokame was impressed by the ability of the group to reflect on what they’ve learned so far, and to discuss how to create a refined retinal prosthesis system to ultimately benefit patients.


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